Installation issues - ThumbnailHandlerx64.msi

Hi, I am having problems installing or updating Storyline. The progress bar gets about 75% through then I get the error message that it can't find ThumbnailHandlerx64.msi - "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable".

I'm installing as an Administrator on Win 8.1 in Parallels on a Mac.

Error messages attached.

Also - I can't uninstall the program using the Add/Remove Programs.

Can I manually remove Storyline and reinstall from scratch - what files do I need to remove?

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Kendra Kernen

Yes, that's correct. Last week when I opened up Storyline, I got the update notification. When I downloaded the update and tried to install, that's when all the issues started. Since the update couldn't complete successfully, it didn't seem to adversely affect the program. I haven't done anything since and SL seems to be working fine, thank goodness.