Insufficient CSS generated for HTML5 versions of the player?

May 29, 2014

I'm encountering an issue which leads to discrepancies between the design that is created inside Articulate Storyline and what is output in the HTML5 version of the published package.

Inside the software, when editing the player the variable listitem>text is set to a certain colour and this is reflected across all menu entries in the player (Menu, Resources and Glossary in our case), however once published, only the flash version accurately represents the design inside Articulate Storyline.

My issue is that the HTML5 version does not reflect the design inside Articulate Storyline, only the Menu list retains the color that is set for listitem>text, the Resource and Glossary menus have no specific styling applied to them and inherit their color from the a, body{ color:w,x,y,z); rule.

Obviously this is easy enough to fix in the short-term, I can just include my own CSS to get the desired look, but that is not really an acceptable solution long-term where minor work would need to be carried out on every package published for HTML5.

 I guess I'm really interested in if this is actually a bug, if so is it known or am I missing something that Is required to have the correct CSS generated (as far as I can tell the editor for the player only contains the option to change resources>seperator and there is a seperate rule for glossary>text that I have not had a chance to test, however since the change is reflected in the preview after only changing the listitem>text rule, I feel correct in assuming this is either a bug or an oversight)?

Anything that may be of use:

the Menu list retains it's styling thanks to the:
ul.menu_list a { color: rgba(53,53,53,1); } rule that is created on the page, however no equivalent rule is created that effects the elements .resources_container ul li a and glossary_container ul li a

The Flash version output:
The HTML5 version output:
I did see a post on here where the same issue was brought up and support attempted to replicate the users design but did not encounter the issue and the user never replied beyond that.

 Thanks for any insight into this matter =),

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris and welcome to Heroes!

Sorry to hear about the experience you've run into with the colors in the player for HTML5. I believe you're referring to this thread or this one  which have both been reported to our QA team for additional review. It seems to impact the notes, glossary and resource tab. 

What I'll do is add your thread to the existing report so that when we have additional information to share, we're able to reply here for you and in the meantime I'd suggest to continue using the workaround of updating the published output. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joyce,

This issue was reported for Storyline 1, and I don't see that it's been resolved yet. Someone shared an example/idea of a workaround in this forum discussion that you could look at using. Although please keep in mind that it's a modification of the published output so that's not something we can offer support for. 

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