Integrating Rise/Storyline 360 into a paid and password protected LMS.

I searched this forum and previous discussions related to this question are several years old. I'll ask again and hope to find some updated answers. Thanks in advance.

I work for a software company and we'd like to build out a course with Rise or Storyline 360. We'd then like to use this course inside an LMS with the following requirements:

1. First few sections or chapters are free to all but the bulk of the course is restricted and password-protected.

2. Customers can buy the course with a credit card and then receive a unique log-in or password to the course. Without such a log-in, the course can't be accessed.

3. VIP customers can receive a code or discount that gives them free entry to the course.

4. Progress can be measured as they go through the course e.g. 10% Done or 3 out of 28 chapters finished.

5. (Optional) Integration with MailChimp or another email platform that would email them progress reports or notifications based on their performance in the course.

We've been looking at Thinkific as a possible LMS. They do import Storyline files but they have to be imported through them and it takes 2-4 days. I know there are WP plug-in's but we don't use WP. We could set one up if needed. 

I'd love to hear advice and feedback from those of you have found a good solution. I spoke to the Articulate people and, while nice, told me they don't recommend solutions here. They also pointed me to discussions in this forum that are 4-5 years old and outdated. Thanks in advance.

We are a small business. We don't need the cheapest solution but a six-figure annual enterprise solution is way out of our budget.


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Jamie Billingham

Hi Joe,

I'm in much the same position - and have just finished a contact to research and recommend solutions for a similar situation. My recommendation (and the way I decided to go personally) was to use Thinkific as the LMS and have them add the Storyline content to the courses hosted there. The upside - it may take a day or two but at least I'm not the one trying to get everything to work inside the LMS. I find that rather freeing :-)

In the past I've used Moodle as the LMS and then uploaded the Storyline content to a Wordpress page. We never could get our Moodle version to fully accept Storyline - fussy old girl that she is. The Wordpress workaround was cheap and once set up worked brilliantly.

I think the thing to remember (for me anyways) is that a la carte is the way to go. Storyline is an awesome learning experience creation tool and as long I only ask it to do that we get along famously. Thinkific is an awesome LMS and as long as I don't expect it to do more than manage the learning, we are all good.

Kumar Pallav

Hello all,

I am facing some difficulties on these lines too!

I am building an LMS for K-12 students and have a couple of queries regarding the same

I would like to know if we can track courses using multiple options on Rise : Course completion, quiz result and storyline blocs.

Also, Will articulate be able to communicate with our Web Application in real time? (Or does the data exchange between articulate and our portal take place only after a student has exited articulate rise?)

In general, how is the interaction of Articulate courses with Web Application ? I am worried that it might become difficult for us to integrate other features built on our Web Application with Articulate

Thanks in advance,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pallav,

I believe you and I chatted earlier on some of these questions! Let me know if you didn't receive a transcript of our chat and I can always resend.

Also, would love to hear what others in the community have to share on how they've set up Rise to interface with their own websites?