Integrating two pass mark variables

Under storyline 3, I have to do a test of 100 questions divided into 4 different themes. Passing the test is conditional on the following results: a minimum score of 70% on all 100 questions, knowing that for each theme, the minimum pass mark is 50%. How is it possible to integrate these two variables? Thank you in advance.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jerome!

To clarify, you have four themes and a passing score of 70%. A learner has to receive a score of at least 50% on each theme in order to pass the entire test. 

You're hoping to track the score of each theme to determine if they've passed the entire course. 

To do this, I'd recommend adding a Results Slide for each theme. Then, I would add a Results Slide to track all of the other Results Slides. This way you can determine a passing score for the entire course.

Here's how to add a Results Slide to track other Results Slides:

Please let me know if you have any questions!