Integrating uPerform Simulations with Articulate

Jun 05, 2013


I am working on an SAP project and I will be using Uperform to record my transactions (screen steps). 

I want to be able to launch my uPerform simulations from an Articulate Storyline elearning module.

How do I do this?

thanks Adrienne

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Di E

Peter Anderson said:

Hi Adrienne, 

I'm not familiar at all with Uperform, but it looks like something you should be able to bring into Storyline as a web object after you've published it. 

And out of curiosity, is the simulation something that you can do in Storyline

Hi, I'm aware that I'm joining this discussion some months after it started, but I just thought I'd share why we SAP are often 'stuck' with uPerform.  What uPerform and other tools like offer that, to my knowledge, distinguish them from other simulation or screen recording tools, is that the source recording produces multiple outputs.  So from one recording, you can generate a simulation, a work instruction, an exercise sheet, a test document, etc.  This is the advantage of the uPerform tool in large scale, multi-faceted IT projects.

I too would be interested in finding out if you can embed a published uPerform simulation into an Aritculate course, but I've never had the two programmes available on the same network yet.

John Dempkey


I realize that I'm late to the discussion, but thought I'd add for later searches.

If you launch the simulation of your uPerform recording, and hover / double click the bottom grey bar that has no functionality, the url will appear.  From there grab a snip-it or screenshot. 

Once you have the url you can add a trigger to launch to the URL.

Hope that helps,


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