Interacting with video in Storyline at object level using TinCan

Hi, I'm trying to create a course where we track the amount of time the video embedded into the Storyline can be tracked via Tin Can API.  It seems that the Tin Can option in Storyline tracks the slide in/out interactions but doesn't track at the object level (tracking the pausing and playing to get actual time the user has the video viewed).  

Is this doable on Storyline?  Has anyone attempted something like this on it before?  So far it looks like Brightcove (online video solution) enables this ( but it would be awesome if Storyline did so as well.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi John,

I don't think you'll be able to accomplish this - tracking the time of an object. However, you could use variables and report that variable to the server/LMS.

For example, you could create a True/False variable that adjusts when the media completes. You could report that variable to the server and see whether or not the media was completed by the learner. 

Here's some information that may help:

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