Interaction ID == INDEX

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Hello @all,


we've noticed that the interaction ID is not an unique key. It is like an index. The unique key is also there, but it is written in a later position (in the part "strID + "_" + strDescription").


Current Syntax: blnResult = SCORM2004_CallSetValue("cmi.interactions." + intInteractionIndex + ".id", strID + "_" + strDescription);


Is it possible to change the part "intInteractionIndex" to a unique key? Without programming in the Scorm2004Functions.js? I mean, is there an option, a configuration, or a switch in Storyline? Currently it is like the following:

The Learner starts (for the first time) the Storyline Content from within the LMS. In the Content are 4 Interactions.

The LMS gets the four setValues:





Later the Learner closes the Content and reopened it again. After that the Id's are not longer unique.

Now the first interaction is set with:



In my opinion this is not scorm conform and it should be seen as an bug. For our LMS it is not possible to associate "" with "", but it’s the same interaction and should be possible.

We don't want to manipulate the published output. It would be better if there is another possibility within Storyline.

Thank you for your help.



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