Interaction not working properly on LMS

Hi everyone, I need your help. When I publish my course, something goes wrong. I explain my problem with these pictures.

I´ve tried modifying the triggers themselves, the order of the triggers, the objects´ order in the timeline, but the issue persists.  I´m attaching the SL2 file.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Daniel.  I had a look, and I recreated the visited state on that third mask.  I originally had the same problem as you did, but only in HTML5 output.  After deleting the visited state and recreating it, it seems to work now in HTML5 in a web environment.

I'm attaching your modified project file.  Can you republish and upload, and then let me know if you see it working for you?  Thanks!

Daniel Albarran

Oh, no, sorry. I tried the flash file which works fine, but the html files still have the problem of the invisible but active objects. There´s even one more issue: if you click the scenary (after the mask feedback), it shows a picture.

Don´t worry, I´ll try to rearrange this interaction to avoid those problems.