Interaction reports?

I am involved in a project where the client wishes to have a report at the end of the module. The idea is to ask participants critical questions to which they input their answers to in a number of sections. At the end of the module they would have a report of their answers which makes up their engagement plan. I don't know that Storyline can export something like this except possibly through quizzing. Can i get some assistance or feedback about this?


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Matthew Bibby

The tutorial linked above should explain where to put the code, but if you need clarification on any of the steps I'm happy to provide it. Just let me know where you are getting stuck.

As for something simple in Storyline to do this... no, not really. The only option is to use the inbuilt quiz questions, but they won't give you the engagement plan that you are looking for at the end of the module.

This is another approach that might work for you.

Janine Whitling

hi Matthew, i've looked over the directions, and i get all the initial set up with the variables, just not sure where the code itself is to be placed. I assume the first step is to download Sublime Text, and then will it become obvious when i do that, or will i need some directions with accessing the code?

Matthew Bibby

Hi Janine,

You need a text editor (like Sublime Text) to edit the print.html, process.js and style.css files.

Then once you've finished editing those, you then save the files and move them to the published output as outlined in this part of the tutorial.

Then, in Storyline, you need to add a little snippet of code that is used to open the workbook. So create a button in your course and add an Execute JavaScript trigger to that button that contains the code outlined here.

Does that make sense? Let me know if you are still stuck.

Matthew Bibby

Hi Janine,

You can include any information that you can get into a Storyline variable. 

So in the case of multiple choice questions, you'll need to build some additional logic on those slides to get the information you want into a Storyline variable.

For example:

The above will change the variable Q1 to the value of 1 when the first radio button is selected. You'll need a trigger like this for each of the multiple choice options.