Interactions not appearing in Moodle 2.9/SCORM issue

Feb 21, 2017

Hi, I'm using Moodle 2.9 and Storyline 360. The course has many interactions in the form of essay questions and multiple choice questions (although no quizzes/results slides) that I would like to record within Moodle. I have exported it as both SCORM 1.2 (fully supported by Moodle) and 2004 with no results. In addition I tested it in SCORM cloud and still see no interactions in the course. Did I publish it wrong? Are there recommended settings that I'm missing, or...? Thanks for any help with this frustrating issue.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey S,

Sorry to hear you've run into this; I know that's frustrating! Let's see if we can get things sorted out for you.

You'll actually need to add a Results Slide to your course, since that's what sends reporting and tracking information to learning management systems, including learners' responses and scores.  The LMS can likely capture essay data as a default if you're using a standard question/survey type, and if you're using a data/text entry field you could use the method here.  That link is for Storyline 2, but you can use the same method for Storyline 360.

Finally, this article describes the data that is communicated to the LMS by Storyline.  What the LMS does with the information, or which data is made available to you, might vary by LMS.

I'd be happy to help with your specific set up if you don't mind sharing your file with me. You can use the Add Attachment button to attach it directly to this discussion.

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