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I'm totally new to Articulate and am trying to understand how it all works. Does anyone knows how to create an interactive background? Let me explain the idea.

I want to show a key map in which a car drives along the route. At particular points, the car stops and some information appears (with a marker and a trigger). My question, is it possible to create a moving image (the car in this case) on a stable background?

Ideas anyone? Alternatieve ideas are also welcome.

Many thanks!

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Bruce Graham

Hi Tamara and welcome to the Heroes Community.

I am thinking you may need to do this in PPT 2010 using Motion Paths, and then save as video/.WMV and import, in some way...

Not entirely clear on what you are trying to achieve, but if needs to use Motion Paths between 2 points then will need to go outside SL.

Once again a warm welcome.


Bruce Graham


If you have PowerPoint 2010 - here is the biggest hidden secret.

  • Open it.
  • Go to File > New > Sample templates - and choose "Five Rules".
  • Play it using "Slideshow > From Beginning"
  • Then see what PowerPoint animation can REALLY do! 
  • AND then look at the entire source file to see how Nancy did it.

Imagine - you have that ability - then to create a video from it, then bring that into Storyline.

Unlimited power.