Interactive bookkeeping exercise in Storyline using variables?

Feb 27, 2020

I want to create a number of easy bookkeeping exercises in Storyline. I have a scenario for each exercise with money flowing in or out, a background picture with a bookkeeping table where I can add entry boxes in the different columns for debit and credit and different accounts, and I want the learner to put a correct amount in the correct entry box in debit and credit. When they get it right, they can proceed to the next exercise. If not, an explanatory video opens in a light box that shows them how to do it and why.

I suspect I'm supposed to add text entry boxes, but how do I program them so they recognize the correct variables when the learner write them?

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, there are a few ways to do this depending on how you want it to work.  But essentially you want to look for the value of the text or numeric entry box (the variable) and set conditions based on what that value is at the time of clicking a button, box losing focus, however you want ti to work.  Here is a quick example of one way to do this, see attached.

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