Interactive layers


I'm using someone else's design in the attached document that I found this morning but can't find the conversation now, I have added a 5th layer, I've figured out how to re-group tabs. I can't get the 5th group of tabs to move across and reveal the layer. What am I missing?


I'm in Articulate 360.

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Walt Hamilton

That motion path is 2 sec long, which is the default. It moves about .5 sec (or 1/4 of the total distance), when the next event happens, which stops it. Check the corresponding paths on other layers. I think they are set to a duration of .5 sec.

In the .5 sec they have before the next event cuts them off, they can get all the way across the page.

Lisa Cotton

Ok, so I'm progressing with this, just a few gliches:

1. When I click on the 2nd tab $0 - $3,000 shows up horizontal, I'm thinking this is on the base layer but can't find where to fix it.

2. Can't figure out how to progress to next slide when all is visited

3. Last group on motion path hesitates then goes across, not sure why delayed.

Any suggestions?