Interactive map - feel free to download

I was browsing some sites today for any design inspiration. Finally I got an idea to mix slider and a map to present some data. I picked my 5 favorite places around Bournemouth where I live.

Slider is placed vertically, so you need to move the compass north (up) and south (down) to navigate among the attractions located in different places. 

Have a look how it works:

Feel free to download the source file (Storyline 2):

You can add subpages, photos, videos, other maps or whatever your imagination will tell you. Any feedback from you guys will be much appreciated.

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david mckisick

Are you showing us the contents of the zip folder after you downloaded it?

Just choose to open it with Storyline 2 when you click the download link.

EDIT: whoops. I see now that you downloaded the published file. Extract it and look for a story.html file, and then double click that.