Interactive Org Chart Help

Hello e-learning heroes.

I found this great Interactive Template and I am finding great difficulty in editing the respective information in the rectangles to replace our organizational information with the information that is in the template.

Can anyone give me some assistance?

I have attached the template. Thank you as always. 

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Don Lourcey

Hey Leslie,

Again thank you for your help. Since you were so helpful and I trust your response, I have two more questions for you, if you don't mind.

I figured out how to change pictures and text through States as you recommended.

But, how can I change the slide title Interactive Org Chart -- that is evading me.

And, when I go to edit the layers (for instance, 1 - Luca, I can edit picture, name, text, position title, but can seem to edit the line spacer.

Any suggestions on those two items?

Thank you,