Interactive Pie Chart Help!

I have been working on creating an interactive pie chart for a portion of an e-learning I'm building, but I'm kind of at a stand still of how to fix what I have.

I have created variables for each of the pieces of the pie and a text box that shows once that particular piece of the pie is selected. The toggles work perfectly, but what I would LOVE to happen is this:

  1. Learner selects any piece of the pie chart
  2. The piece shows in color and the matching colored text box appears
  3. Learn selects another piece of the pie chart 
  4. That piece of the chart shows in color, along with the matching colored text box -- while at the same time 1st piece of the pie selected turns to the visited state and the matching colored text box for pie piece 1 is hidden

Ha! Seems confusing enough to explain, but I have uploaded the file of what I have completed so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Or at least know if what I'm trying to do is a lost cause and I just need to include the instruction for the learn to "deselect" each piece.



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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

I can't view this because I only have SL2, but it sounds like you could accomplish this using slide layers.

  1. Put the individual pie chart sections and text you want to appear on individual slide layers and arrange them the way you want.
  2. On the base layer have the full chart and draw some hot-spots over the pie chart (or use invisible shapes) to be the buttons that get clicked to reveal each slide layer you created in the previous step.
  3. Then use a variable to count up the amount of clicks for slide completion. Once the variable reaches the number you want, show the next button.

This make sense?

Walt Hamilton

Another option is to use states, and make all the pie pieces a button set. That way only one can be selected at a time.

1st state =Normal

2nd state (Clicked-on state) = "Selected".

3rd state (already viewed) = "Viewed" If you name it viewed, you don't have to write triggers; they are built-in.

See the attached sample. Only one of them has the text box, and it doesn't match color, but you may get the idea.

Lisa Radde

Currently the way this portion is set up is it is one piece of a three part slide. So the base layer contains a left side bar with three sections. When the learner clicks on the button for the pie chart a layer is revealed with the chart all in gray. Each piece they click on then changes the state to the colored version of that piece of the pie and a matching colored text box.

What you suggested totally makes sense just doesn't mesh with how I have it built because I don't want to lose the menu/progress feature for that section of content.

Lisa Radde

So on the last attachment, you'll see what it looks like when two pieces of the pie chart are selected.

Currently, the way it is set up, the learner would have to click the first piece of pie (a second time) in order to turn that piece into its visited state and hide the text object that goes with it.

What I would like to happen is when they click on another piece of the pie, that first piece is automatically sent to its visited state and the text object is hidden. 

I also want to keep the ability for the learner to revisit each piece of the pie (and corresponding text box) at any time.

Lisa Radde

Thanks Ashley. I have used states, and understand how they work, just never thought about that as an option for what I wanted to do. But it was really helpful to get some outside perspective - especially because I knew there was a way to do it, just didn't know how to get there.