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Jonathan Workman

Hi Sam and welcome to the forums! 

The place I would start would be with the pie chart graphic itself.  Find/purchase/create the graphic you are looking for and then create the interactivity to go with it.  If segment size is an issue, you might think about having your pie chart on the base layer and then as the learner clicks on a segment, open a corresponding layer with an image of just that segment and whatever supporting text you're planning to include.  That may require you to have both a pie chart graphic and an individual segment graphic, but I think it will serve your purpose and offer you the flexibility you are looking for.

Bruce Graham

Hi Sam,

I was thinking along the lines of layers too, exactly the same as Jonathaan

Create the pie in MS-Excel, and have it on the Base Layer with "Click each segment to learn more" or similar.

You could then "explode" out each one of the segments on each layer, and have description/explanation etc. - using some of the Excel functionality.