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Peter Anderson

Hi Darsheia!

It looks like you're going to want to add data entry fields to your yellow boxes. Here's how to do that. And after adding a data entry field to a slide, you can, if you wish, convert the slide to a text entry question, so that you can evaluate it as part of a quiz. To learn how, review this tutorial. But keep in mind, although you can have as many data entry fields on a slide as you want, only one data entry field per slide can be evaluated as part of a freeform text entry question.

However, you may be able to evaluate multiple fields on the same slide using the method described in this article. Hope that helps!

Darsheia Hayes

Thanks Peter, I decided to go with the last link and the only problem I’m having is once I preview the slide and put in my answers and click on submit I get the screen shot below.  I’m doing something wrong and I don’t know what it is because I'm new to storyline….please help!