Interactive Slide - Reducing Option


I am trying to put together a interactive slide in which there are initially 7 options and after each one is choosen it takes that that one away and the learner recieves a bit more information about the options.  This would eventually then lead to having just one option left.

My question is this quickly possible to create within Articulate Storyline?  I have been looking at using multiple layers but I think this could become confusing.

Many thanks for your help

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ryan,

You could use the "states" of each option that once clicked becomes "hidden" so that it no longer appears on the slide. Depending on what information you're showing about each option - the layer may give you the most flexibility to include content that can easily be shown/hidden. 

If you're still thinking through ways to set this up, would you be able to share the Storyline file (or even a sample) here with us so that we could get a better sense of your set up?