Interactive Slider problem....Help

Hi All,

I have been searching the forum for other discussions to help resolve a slider problem I am having, but not yet had much luck. So I thought I would share my example with my issue and hope someone can help.

Basically I have an interactive aircraft door where the learner can move the door handle as they would in reality (pretty much).

I have used a slider on the base layer which has no outline and no fill over the area the door handle that moves so it gives the effect the user is moving the handle. As the slider moves (back and forth) it triggers the relevant layers.

You can freely move the slider triggering the layers but as soon as you stop and release the left mouse button (or finger i presume on a tablet) you can not click back on the handle and continue, as if the slider disappears and no longer available.

So how can I set it so the slider is always available so if the user stops and clicks (or presses) back on the handle at that last point they can once again move the slider (handle). 

If this is tough task to achieve the other option I could consider, again if achievable, is if the user releases the mouse at any point the slide resets its self back to the base layer and the users starts again until they reach the final layer.I hope the above makes sense. I have attached a copy of the storyline, and have left the thumb of the slider outlines so you can see what is moved.

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Michael Hinze

That's because the slider on the baselayer is being overlapped by the pics and sliders on the other layers. Instead of several layers with pics and sliders, I would set up ONE slider and ONE image object with several states. As the slider values is changed, the corresponding image states are displayed. See attached a quick example where I set up the first 20 states. Hopefully you can replicate the rest.

Adam Kenworthy

Michael you are star, I never thought to use the slider to initiate states. Your demo is exactly what I have been trying to do.

The one I uploaded as a demo is the small one, I have another door interactive slide with 103 frames. Lots of coffee this afternoon I think.

I will work through the whole slide and fingers crossed.

Many Thanks