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Sep 04, 2018


I noticed that when creating interactive software simulations via screencast; if an interaction is to hit a specific key on a keyboard, it is problematic if there are two keys that do the same function such as shift or one of the numerals. The user would have to hit the exact key for the interaction to work, although there is no way of knowing which shift key the user will choose. Is there a way to resolve this to let users hit either key?

Thank you

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Zanel Rautenbach

Hello Alyssa,

Thank you for getting in touch. I am using the latest version in Storyline
There are two slides: one where the learner should press "Control and
another key" and one where the learner should press "1". The interaction
for the slide with the control button only works with the exact control key
that I used - not both of them.

I'm concerned that the same will happen when the learner should type in "1"
because I do not have a numeric keypad.

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