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Crystal Horn

This looks awesome, Avinash!  I love the audio on the opening.  One thing I noticed is that in the "Whole World" view, once I had a few continents selected, and I went to the check boxes that had already been checked, the one for South America was playing "North America" audio.  The description in the scrolling panel did describe South America, however.

Also, not all of Australia was "clickable."  On the left side of it, it still pointed to the Indian Ocean.  So maybe investigate the hotspot or shape there (depending on what you use to trigger the audio and text).

But I loved it, loved the Results slide with classic "game over" audio.  :)  Share with the world on our Building Better Courses forum, too!

Avinash Sharma

 Crystal Horn Thanks for apprication for work,

  • As for concern of check mark if  we once visited on any drop down option layer continent or ocean hot spot tick mark of the same will change all of drop down option check mark so once all the ocean and continent clicked "take the test" option appear. 
  • Hotspot of australia shape has resized.
  • As you suggest  have shared the updated link with  "Building Better Courses " forum too.

thanks again for your valuable reply.