Interesting Behavior in Firefox with Storyline

Mar 31, 2014

Hello!  I have a full curriculum posted from storyline (14 modules). We are currently testing the curriculum in all supported browsers at my company.  It seems in Firefox, certain text boxes are being cut off.  What I have found is the text is cut off when text in my text boxes extends beyond the dimensions of the text box?  Any ideas how I can work around this since I do not really have time to go increase the size for each of my text boxes.

See screen shots. 

thanks, Jennifer 

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Steve McAneney

Jennifer, hi.

You could try making a new slide master with the text box set to "Resize shape to fit text".

You can then go to story view, select all the slides that have the overflowing problem, and click the "Layout" button in the top ribbon to select/apply your new template to those slides. As an extra precaution you might want to remove the bottom internal margin from the template's text box as well.

I hope this helps.

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