Interface accessibility options for the visually impaired?

Greetings! I am an elearning developer working in Articulate Storyline who--although I can only hope, temporarily--has fallen into the category of the visually impaired.

For my blurred vision, the white-on-gray interface is extremely challenging to work with; for instance, even after utilizing all features within the Microsoft Accessibility center, I still fail to make out the triggers or Timeline panels, which as far as I can tell, can not be zoomed into within Storyline. These limitations (gray on white interface, static menus) are turn is causing me to fall behind on my workload. 

What accessibility options are available for visually-impaired developers using your software? Are there dark or high contrast schemes available, beyond the standard gray on white (as in Captivate)? Also, is there an ability to increase the size of the text within the Triggers panel, or contrast within the Timeline panel?

Thank you! 

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Nicola Fern

I'm /not/ visually impaired and would find this useful...I've thought for a long time that SL's interface design is lagging behind the other 'professional' apps I use, like Illustrator etc. I exclusively use a dark interface wherever I can to reduce eye strain.  I'm over the PowerPoint tabs look - seems to me it results in more clicks and less transparent menus.

Olivia S.

Thank you for saying that, Nicola! It's truly great to know I'm not alone.

Storyline, please know that I had to take a multi-month leave of absence specifically because I could not clearly perceive  the Storyline interface. I am back now, and would greatly appreciate a response to my thread from an employee at Articulate.

Are additional interface color schemes/accessibility options for developers a Storyline and/or the 360 suite issue that Articulate is either working on or else intends address in the near future?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Olivia!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty using Storyline.

As you know, the Storyline authoring interface currently isn’t accessible. It’s not on our roadmap to tackle this, but I have shared your feedback with our team. We appreciate your input and will definitely keep you posted on any plans we have to address this in the future.