Internet Explorer Issue

Has anyone ever seen this in his course:

This happens sometimes by opening a lightbox, but only in various version of Internet Explorer.

When the sign is shoping up, nothing else can be done. You have to close the WBT.

Does someone know what the sign means and how I can avoid this to come?

Using Storyline 1 Update 8.



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Andrew Gee

Hi Kelly,

That was an interesting read and the shaking across the dual monitors an unconventional testing method but if it causes the crash then it is definitely video rendering memory being affected and hence the comeback to Flash being the issue.  My agency has finally gone to IE11 but I am still hesitant to use HD video in my courses as the crash also appeared in IE11 as well as IE8.  Also Adobe seems to be giving Flash the flick in terms of support and this begs the question of "Are we even safe to use Flash anymore given the security flaws and no more support from Adobe in the future?"  That may be for another forum but it is being talked about a lot.   

I hope Flash 19 does fix the issue as I am now producing all courses with as little video as possible and have not seen the GCOD for some time as a result (as long as the learner doesn't skip constantly through a larger course, as this results in the crash).  This does increase production time but at least keeps me sane with the confidence it should not pop up if the learner is truly going thru the course as intended.

Good luck and hopefully there will be a time when we all say "Remember the GCOD?" with a little chuckle.

I am still keen to hear what other solutions and/or tests have been done and am still following this forum with great interest as to what will be the future of using Flash at all with Storyline as we see it "fade to black".  I am sure the Storyline development team are considering this as well.





Kelly Kung

Hi Andrew, et al.

I've finished up my testing and believe that Flash 18 is the cause of the GCOD.  My test machine was Win 7, IE11, Flash 18 and content created with Storyline 2 and Update 4.   The testing then was with Flash 19 and low and behold no more GCOD.  My last test was updating to Storyline Patch 7, Win 7, IE 11 and Flash 19.  In the last day or so, I have not been able to replicate the GCOD, where as with Flash 18 I was able to do it consistently.  In fact, the last day or so of testing, I started getting motion sickness from watching the screen being moved around so much, must be getting old...


Kelly Kung

Hi Andrew, et al.

I had one of those light bulb moments. Some of the testing I did I had Storyline 2 (which I believe uses Flash for some of their UI), Toad (database software) and sometimes Dreamweaver running all at the same time while testing. I have 16 gigs of memory on my laptop and usually don't use more half of it at any given time.

So this morning I decided to track memory usage. When I start up IE, logged into the LMS and launching my course it'll spike from 28 megs to about 66 megs. When the first video is playing and the next slide or two are pre-loading it'll top off at 122 megs. At this point I closed the course and relaunched, to my surprise, IE did not drop back down to pre-course levels. What happened next is the relaunched window blocks out more memory and by the time I was finished it as at 200+ megs.

The testing this morning did not include Shake and Bake, and since I upgraded to Flash 19 and Storyline 2 with Update 7, I have not seen the grey circle of death.  So that part should be resolved. I could only imagine for learners that have older machines or machines with not enough memory that memory resources could be an issue for courses with a lot of video when using Internet Explorer.

Just to note, I also tracked Chrome and Chrome will release back the memory once the course is closed out.  Internet Explorer 11, is horrible...