Internet Explorer will not display web object video

Hi all,

Hope someone can help me with this.

I have a course that has many videos.

I have the videos hosted on my website.

In Articulate Storyline I have the videos as web objects with the link to the video URL on my website.

In Chrome and on iPad the videos load and play correctly.

In Internet Explorer for each video the user is prompted to "open or save VIDEONAME.mp4 from"

Why wont the videos just automatically play like they do on every other browser?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

I can't say that I've seen that behavior before, but would be curious to know what version of IE and Flash you're using so that I could try and replicate it on my end. Also, have you tried to insert any other web object videos (from another site, such as YouTube) within your course? Do those have the same behavior? 

john leeder

Hi Ashley,

I am using IE Version 11.0.9600.16521. I have version 12,0,0,77 of FLASH installed.

I have embedded video using the insert video from a website option and used the YouTube embed code and from memory (I will test again today) they work well on IE. The only problem is that when you use that option of inserting video from a website you end up with it wrapped in flash code so it will not display on an iPad. That is why I went down the Insert a web object so that I could avoid the YouTube Flash code and be able to view the course on a Desktop as well as iPads.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

Thanks for sending along the link - and I saw the behavior you described in IE11 (although the video opened and played automatically, I didn't have to download it) and it also happened in IE10 as well. I tested this in my own file with an MP4 that I found online and inserted it as a web object and that version opened normally in IE so I'd want to take a look at this video itself and try it - can you point me to where I could find one of the MP4s? Or share your Storyline project? 

john leeder

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your help and suggestions so far.

I am not satisfied with the low quality of the video that is output by the built in video compression in Articulate Storyline, even at the best quality (9) the videos are way degraded compared to the original. This is why I wanted to steer clear of Youtube too, as the video does lose quality when being embedded. I have attempted the work around found here:

it does not bode well for my videos that are in 30fps (they flicker a little) I will keep on experimenting and maybe compressing my originals myself to try and make the "workaround" work better.

I guess I am stuck until Articulate allows videos to be a little less compressed.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

I know a number of users mention implementing that method with success, but I don't know that I've ever heard them mention a particular frame rate that works best. You may want to try posting in that thread too in case they have additional ideas on how to work with the original video files. In regards to the compression issue, I'd also suggest sharing your thoughts on video compression (or compression in general) with our team in the form of a feature request. 

Daniel LaCivita

Thank you

I am on IE11 on our intranet

I will try again

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Karen Siugzda


I'm experiencing the same problem.

  • Using SL3. (HTML 5 output with Flash fallback)
  • I have an .mp4 video located on the client's web server.
  • The video is inserted onto the slide as a web object.
  • video plays fine, in-slide, as expected in Chrome, FireFox, and Edge
  • In IE (version 11.1176.10586.0) I'm getting the browser message that asks me to either open or save the video file.
  • Another video I have in the course (using a youtube link) works fine in ALL browsers.

TempShare link for previewing   (Click on Ultrasound, then click Play arrow icon)

.story file attached as well.

Has there been a resolution to this issue?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Karen,

Thanks for sharing that link and a copy of your file! 

I took a look and saw the same thing that you mentioned and I was also able to replicate it with a new video. It seems to be an issue with how IE is reading the video file since you're embedding directly to the MP4 link. It's something I did share with our team, but you may also want to look at using a site such as Vimeo or Youtube to host the video too.

I saw you also posted here, so I'll link these two discussions. The overall size of your video file should be okay to insert directly into Storyline though - I've seen much larger! Keep in mind, that may change the playback speed but depending on where/how your users will be accessing it, it might work out just fine. Worth giving it a try and save you this trouble with IE11!