Solved: Interrupting video during playback to show webobject.

Nov 10, 2014

Attached is a little story with a video. I want the video to be paused during playback, and a webobject to be displayed. When the webobjects is closed, the video should resume from where it left.

I would also like the timeline to pause when the video is paused.

I’m able to achieve this, reasonably well with the “jump to when timeline reaches”, and the “pause timeline/resume timeline” triggers, as demoed in the story.

However, to continue the video from where I left off, I need to check the “resume saved state”. This also means, that I cannot visit this slide again in the same course, starting the video all from the beginning again.

Any ideas on how to work around that?

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Bjarne O

Since we (sadly) had to abandon AMP as we need scorm 1.2 integration, I've come up with the attached solution in HTML5. Since everything has to run in the browser anyway, I just pause the video and open up a URL at predefined cue points..

This solution has been testet in Chrome on Android and Safari on iPad 2, with acceptable results.

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