Intro Layer Conditional?

I am creating a course where many slides have an introduction layer that I want to have play only once - meaning when the user revisits, I do not want this to play again.

Right now I have a trigger to show the intro layer when the timeline starts.  Can anyone help me with the triggers/variables I would need to make this not play again?



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Graham North


Here's an example of how you might acheive what I think you are asking.  There's one variable Showintro and the trigger to display the intro layer is actioned only if it's set to true.  When the viewer clicks continue the variable is set to false so if slide one is revisited the intro layer doesn't show.

Hope this helps

Jill McNair

Thanks for the responses.  I'm still pretty new with variables and am in the process of trying these ideas.  I can see the logic here, but there is one part that I do not understand - how does the variable change from true to false or false to true?  Does this happen automatically, or do I need to add a trigger to do that?  And if so, where, and when (before or after the ShowIntro trigger)?



Jerson  Campos

You will need to add a trigger on the slide that adjusts the variable. I think you will have to add more then one though. One for each layer that you want to intro to be skipped. It'll have to be something similar to. If your using buttons then this would be easier, but if you are waiting for the timeline to end then this might be tricky.

if waiting for timeline:

on Slide

show layer layer1 when timeline begins, condition: variable intro1 equals true  -(important that this goes first)

adjust variable intro1 to true when timeline ends

If you are using a button to advance, the just assign the trigger to adjust variable intro1 to the button. 

You'll have to use this for every slide you need to do this to. I would use a different variable for each not one, because then the other slides will skip the intro because the value would already be true.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jill,

I'd been playing with this myself and then got distracted somehow and forgot about it. Then I saw that others had answered, but also that you'd responded with a question. So, I thought I'd create a story using the triggers and explaining how they work. I'd pretty much done this in the way that David and Graham had suggested, so I just added content to it.

Jill McNair

Thanks for all the ideas and samples from Rebecca and Graham.  I know I can do this, but I was up against a deadline, so I just did it the old-fashioned way - I put the intro on it's own slide. I still plan to figure this out though!  Got this thread bookmarked to come back to!

Thanks again,


Cindy Pandke`

Thanks for you posts...I needed the same logic and was having trouble finding the right combination.  Your answers worked perfectly.

Used :

1. create a true/false variable

2. add a timeline trigger to the slide to show the layer with the condition the variable is False

So many uses for this combination.

Happy Friday

Adam Kennerley

Hello Everyone,

I am having some trouble with getting my variable to behave as intended.

I followed all the advice above and have successfully implemented it on other courses.

However I have a one slide, 8 layer, overview that I am using and the first layer is auto-played at launch as an intro.

I have used a true false so after the intro layer has played it sets the HideIntro variable to True. The primary slide then is prompted to not show that layer if the value is True. However If I close the browser and return to the course (all resume functions are active, including prompt, course is not in an LMS just a website) the intro replays. I am at a loss as to why this particular instance isn't taking and would love any insight that can be offered. Thanks in advance!