Introductory audio on slides

Hello! I have a menu slide that I'd like to include some introductory audio on (ex: "Click on the boxes below to learn more about each topic") however, the boxes they will click bring them to different slides for more information, and then back to the menu so they hear the introduction every time they return to the menu. Is there a way to have the audio trigger only once, the first time they arrive at the menu slide? Currently I have the audio triggering as soon as the timeline starts, perhaps there is a different triggering method I should be using?

Thanks for your help!


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Nelson Rokke

Hi Elisabeth,

Have you tried adjusting theslide propertiesfor the menu slide -to resume the saved state when revisiting?

  1. Click the gear icon on the as shown in the screen-capture to open the Slide Properties dialog box
  2. Open the "When Revisiting" drop-down menu and select "resume saved state"

Hope this works for you!


Elisabeth Charnley

Hi Nelson,

I did try that but it didn't work for this slide. It is slide 1.2 in the attached presentation. The recording still plays again when I return to the slide each time. Is there a way to turn off a trigger once it's been hit? Or perhaps a non-trigger option, for example, if the state of the box is "visited" do not play the audio?

Thanks for your help!


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Elisabeth,

One way to achieve this is with a T/F variable. You've referred to Slide 1.2, so this is the slide I've worked with.

  1. First, I created a T/F variable. I called it AUDIODONE (you can call it whatever you want). The default is set to False.
  2. Then, on Slide 1.2 I created a trigger to Adjust the AUDIODONE True/False variable = True when the media completes (the media is your Intro).
  3. And, I've added a condition to your Slide Trigger. The condition says to play the media on condition that the AUDIODONE variable = false.

This of course means Learners must listen to all of the audio. You could set that variable to True (in step 2) in a different way if you'd like. For example, when the timeline ends. Or, when Learners click on any of your buttons. Totally up to you.

Please shout out with any questions.