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Candace Hanway

I have followed these instructions and can not get the created Invalid Answer layer to pop up if the user clicks on Submit before answering the question.  When previewing, the Incorrect Answer pops up even though I created the Invalid Answer layer and have a trigger to show the added layer and revised the submit interaction trigger as instructed in the tutorial.   I am using a Quizing Freeform Text Entry page and followed the tutorial on how to have two (2) text boxes within one question.  The instructions are I'm guessing using Articulate Storyline 1 and I'm using 2 so I don't see the same options within the triggers.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Candace Hanway

OK...so I've tried to do this again several times and still can't get the result I'm looking for.  The slides in question are 1.6 Question #3, 1.9 Question #6, 1.11 Question #8 but it's the same issue so once I figure out one I can take care of the other two.  Not sure if I'm missing a trigger or it's a matter of my conditions not set correctly.  Been learning this program as I go for the last two weeks so still very new.  What I'd like to happen is if the user clicks submit without answering either question (feet or inches), the invalid layer is to pop up.  Correct answer is 13 and 3 so correct layer would pop up.  Anything other than 13 and 3 would generate the incorrect layer.  Thoughts?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Edit: I've removed the story from this post. I've resubmitted the story file to a later post (below). Sorry for any inconvenience! ;( I wasn't sure the .story that attached here was working properly.

Hi Candace,

I believe I have it working. I'm uploading it now in case you're ready for it. Be back in a while with what I did/compared to what you'd done. Need to get to a couple'a things first.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Good Grief. I SWEAR SL was being flaky with me. Probably, as my husband would tell me, it was "operator error. " )

I'm uploading again, after numerous rechecks! I'll try to go back and delete the story from my initial post, since I truly DO think SL got wonky and didn't save my Undos on that one. Anyway: Here's the breakdown. I did all this on your slide 1.6, Question 3.

Trigger for the Invalid Answer Layer

You'd set the trigger up to show the layer if variables Q31 and Q32 = normal
You're working with a Text Entry variable, so instead of normal you really want to say show the Invalid Layer if the variable = blank, which is the default state (in other words, if Learners don't type anything in the text entry boxes). So, I made that change.

Trigger for the Incorrect Layer
You'd set up the triggers to change the state of the incorrect button to selected when user clicks submit if variable Q31 is NOT= 13 and Q32 is NOT = 3. That's correct as far as you went
We also need to tell SL to change the state of the Incorrect button if Q31 is NOT= blank and Q32 is NOT = blank. Otherwise, SL thinks it should show the incorrect layer on a blank (I know, even though we have that Invalid Layer trigger above!). I made that change

Submit Interaction trigger
You'd set up the trigger to submit the interaction when the Q31 or Q32 variables are not = blank
You really want to Submit the Interaction when the Correct button = Selected or the Incorrect button = selected. So I made that change. 

Please shout out with any questions.

Candace Hanway

I have done some additional testing and am now looking at another issue.  The invalid answer layers are coming up if either Answer 1 or Answer 2 are left empty...thank you Rebecca!!...but if Answer 1 (which is 13) is entered with an incorrect number for Answer 2 (which is 3) box or vice versa nothing happens when the user clicks Submit.  The incorrect layer only comes up if both Answer 1 and Answer 2 are incorrect.  Should be one could be correct and the other incorrect since the submitted answer is considered incorrect.  This effects slides 1.6 Question #3, 1.9 Question #6, 1.11 Question #8.  I'm sure this has something to do with my conditions but only having a little experieince with this program I can't figure it out.  I've played around with it and added/changedwhat I could think to but can't seem to get it working correct.  Any suggestions?