Invalid Answer in question with grouped responses

I have created a custom question slide where I have text and graphics grouped together to create individual answers (so all 4 answers are groups of text and an image), but if I select anywhere but on the text area, I get the invalid answer pop-up. Is this something to do with the grouping of each answer choice?

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Lisa Phillips

Ok Emily, I added a trigger to change it to selected, but trying to figure out how to have the rest of the hotspots return to normal when the other is selected. i.e. only one spot will appear as selected. I have done it using multiple triggers on each hotspot, but i am sure there must be an easier way so i don't have a bunch of trigger to change. Thoughts? True/false variable? Not sure....

File attached...

Emily Ruby

Hello Lisa!

The way the file is set up is working as it should. If there is another way to do this, I am sure others will chime in with ideas. I did notice that the answers were not submitting. You would need to make sure the Hotspot shape is chosen as the correct answer.

Attached is an update.