Invalid Answer Response

Hi everyone, 

I am currently trying to build-out a crossword game in Storyline. 

I am working through my test slide to make sure all of my variables and data entry values are correct, but I have run into a kink I don't quite understand. 

I want each level to provide 2 attempts for the learner to get the crossword vocabulary words correct. 

So, I've set conditions on the Submit button to display a Marker (a word bank for the crosswords) if the learner fails to pass the first attempt, but instead, I receive an "invalid answer" popup when the data entry fields are incorrect. 

Would anyone be willing to look at my file and see if they can spot something wrong with it? I have looked at other "invalid answer" posts and I don't seem to be able to find something that's relatable (or I'm missing the mark) to what I'm attempting to do. 

I'd really appreciate the help. Attached is the test file. 

Thank you,



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for sharing your file! You're almost there - the only thing missing is a trigger to set the state of your Incorrect button to selected if the learner hasn't entered the correct letters. Since you're using that off-screen button, it would need to be selected to allow the learner to press submit and utilize the marker. 

For the Incorrect button, you'll want to use the OR condition instead of the AND, and status of "not equal to." That way, if the learner answers any text entries incorrectly, it'll validate as incorrect.

Let me know if you need more help! 

Victoria Knight

Hi Ashley, 

I tried to take your advice and create a smaller test piece, but I run into the same issue. I changed the Incorrect button to the OR (albeit, it only lets you change the and/or AFTER the first condition). I still run into an invalid error response, and I just don't know how to fix it. 

Can you take another look? This file has fewer variables/values, so it's easier to analyze/change. It's the exact same premise as my first puzzle. And as mentioned above, I added the OR condition instead of AND.

I also changed the attempt from 1 to 2. I would prefer 2 attempts, but if I can just get the functionality right on at least 1 attempt, I could live with that! Note: I only made slide 1.1. a Pick-One option. Slide 1.2. has the design of 1.2, it's just not programmed out, but maybe this could be a good test layer so I can see the difference in the trigger setup from slides 1-2? 

Thank you so much for helping me. 

I really appreciate it. 




Alyssa Gomez

Hey Victoria! Thanks for sending over an updated file. You almost have it! You just need two more changes:

  1. Move the "Submit Interaction" trigger below the two "Change state" triggers. That way it will happen after the Correct and Incorrect buttons change state.
  2. Adjust the conditions of the "Change state of Incorrect button" trigger.

Here's a quick video to explain how to make those changes. I hope that's helpful!