Invalid Answer Workaround?


I'm trying to create a timed quiz question using animated shapes, but in order to create the sense of urgency, I would like the quiz question to submit a score regardless of whether the learner has answered the question or not. As of right now, I have created a trigger that is supposed to submit a multiple answer question when the timeline reaches approximately 12.5 seconds, but when I test this out, I cannot leave the question blank without receiving an "Invalid Answer" popup. I'd rather have this simply record a 0 to preserve the urgency of the scenario. Any ideas as to what I can do? I've attached the file for your reference. Thank you!

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Garth Yorko

I added a 7th choice to your potential answers.  Its state is Hidden.  When the timeline reaches 12.25 change the state to Selected.  I had to do away with the random answer position.

I removed the background from the answer group and created a semi transparent rectangle beneath the potential answers. 

You had a couple of Submit button triggers I removed, but kept the one to submit the interaction when the timeline reaches 12.25 seconds.

The last thing I did was change the Disabled state for the final answer.  I edited its state but deleting the text and checkbox so that the Disabled state is blank.  So it is never seen.

I removed the Hide Layer triggers on Correct and Incorrect so it doesn't seem to jump

Take a look at the triggers and the states of the final choice and you'll see how it works.