Invalid pop-up: Okay button cut off

Aug 12, 2020


I've read through many posts on the default Invalid Answer popup, but none seem to apply to the situation I'm seeing. I don't want to customize/add a Invalid answer layer, or customize the text in the Player settings. The default pop up in my Storyline 360 course is coming up with the Okay button almost entirely cutoff (see attached image), preventing the learner from proceeding. Does anyone know of a setting to address this?  

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Betsy!

Thanks for the helpful clues, and shout out to Sam for those key questions!

Are your DPI settings over 100%?

I ask because we're looking into a bug in Storyline 360 where the button on the Invalid Answer layer cuts off when the DPI isn't 100%. Specifically, this affects the classic player and only the preview experience.

Katie Riggio

Hi Cheng,

I appreciate the screenshot, and I'm sorry you ran into this!

I'm having difficulty recreating the cut-off OK button on the Invalid Answer window in Storyline 3 Update 10/DPI: 100% — here's a short video of the test. Could you let me know:

  • What version of Storyline 3 are you using? Click the Help tab, then About Storyline.
  • Does the problem happen in the published output as well?
  • What Story Size are you using for the project?
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cheng,

I'm glad to hear that it's working as intended when publishing.

I created a sample file using the story size you mentioned above, and got this result:

As you can see the 'OK' button is present.

I then downloaded your sample file and took a look:

It seems like it may be an issue with the specific DPI on your computer. Do you have an IT Team to work with you directly to check and adjust your settings? 

What version of Windows are you using? For instance, the setting looks like this in Windows 10:

Into Lead


We are using Articulate Storyline 360 version: 3.42.22792.0. The storyline course has been published as HTML5 output but when the course is resumed, the dialog box does not show the buttons. How can we change the settings of resume dialog box?

Please see the screenshot attached. The issue was regenerated in Scorm cloud. I jhave also checked it with 100%DPI settings but nothing resolves.



Lauren Connelly

Hi Vaishali!

Thank you so much for sharing the screenshot!

Do the buttons appear when you resize the window? If not, which browser are you using?

I'd like to take a look at your course to see what might be causing the buttons to disappear on the resume window. You can attach your file to this discussion or share it privately using this link.

Katie Riggio

Tuesday morning news! 🗞

Storyline 360 Update 46 is live: We fixed the issue where buttons were cut off or hidden on player notifications, such as the resume prompt and the invalid answer message, when the classic player was set to fill the browser window.

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