"Invalid response" in question bank

I am trying to create my 7th question bank and am having a new issue. I have a free field item, 2 options. The Edit Question is set so that they get a "Correct/Incorrect" layer with correct answer noted. I have removed the submit button and put the Submit interaction on each response item, so that it is scored appropriately. However, when I try to preview the slide, I get an "Invalid Response" box that pops up. I got that previously when I hadn't determined the correct answer in "Edit Question" but that isn't the case here. I moved the interaction to the top on my last attempt to see if it needed to be before the layer, but it didn't matter. Are the groups causing the issue?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Virginia!

If I'm seeing this correctly - I think this is because you've triggered the submission of the question, but there's nothing that's actually selecting the option. 

It may help to add a trigger so that the object/answer's state changes to "selected". 

If that doesn't work, can you share the .story file? I'd be happy to take a look.