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Apr 17, 2017

Every time I publish projects I save it as a zip folder. I then go into the zip folder to make edits to the report.html output before uploading the entire project to an LMS. I have done this for multiple courses before. However, on this one specific course when I save the zip folder, and then try to go to the zip output to make changes, I am now getting an error message that the folder is "Invalid". It will not let me open the folder or access it at all, I even tried extracting it.  I have tried downloading the project and saving it to different locations. I then tried publishing it as a Web output instead of LMS and the Storyline file completely closes/crashes before it finishes publishing. 

This is a pretty intricate file and I am terrified of losing all the work I have put into it. Thankfully the Storyline file itself seems to be ok and lets me work within it just fine, but I am unable to successfully publish it. Any advice would be extremely helpful!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Alexandria,

Thanks for your post! We definitely want to make sure you don't lose all of the work you put into your file. It sounds like you're seeing two different problems here, so let's tackle them one at a time. 

  1. Unable to make changes to the zip file

    What type of modifications are you trying to make to the report.html file? Are you trying to change the print results report? We've got some savvy folks in the community who can point you in the right direction when it comes to making changes to the published output. 
  2. Unable to publish for Web

    You mentioned that Storyline completely closes or crashes when you try to publish for Web. Is it possible that you’re working from somewhere other than your local C: drive? Working from a network drive or a USB drive can cause a few different problems, so you'll want to work from your C: drive instead. 

Let me know if you're already working locally, and we'll go from there!

Alexandria Laird

Hello Alyssa, 

Thank you for your response! I have been struggling with this most of the day.

1. I am extremely comfortable making the changes to report.html file, our office always sets it up to print a certificate instead of the actual results. The problem I was facing is that zip file would not open for me to make the needed changes. It would tell me the file was invalid or unavailable. I am still getting the response at times, however not every time. 

2. After researching today I discovered I need to work on my local drive to prevent bugs. So as soon as I read that I re saved the file to my local drive and tried publishing from there. Thankfully that helped and I was able to publish my project. 

My biggest question or concern is why it is telling me the zip file is invalid. When it gives me this warning I am unable to make changes in the output or even upload it for testing. Thankfully it has been working alright since I saved it to my local drive, I am just hoping I don't run into that problem again. 

Thank you!

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Alexandria. I'm sorry this is giving you headaches, and I'm glad that switching to your local drive has resolved the issue. The "Invalid zip folder" message is likely due to you publishing the file somewhere other than your local hard drive. Publishing locally, along with these other tips, will help ensure you don't run into that error again.

If you do happen to get stuck again in the future, give us a shout! You know where to find us. 😀


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