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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Christopher.  You can save customized text labels and customized players, but you'll have to choose one of each to run throughout the whole course.  When your project gets published, it includes one definitive version of the player for all slides (with wiggle room for certain player features per slide).

What is the difference between the two messages you're giving to your learners?  Maybe there's another way to accomplish your overall goals!

Christopher Danello

For the "check your knowledge" questions, the default, "You must complete the question before submitting" is fine.

But I also have an acknowledgment slide at the end where I need the message to read, "You must click "I agree" to submit."

I didn't see anywhere to change this manually; like changing the Correct/Incorrect feedback boxes. 

Is there any way to change the InvalidAnswer box on the slide as you can with Correct/Incorrect feedback?

Christopher Danello

Actually the problem is trying to have two separate text labels in the same player. I suspected that couldn't be done already, but thought there might be a workaround.

I did find an alternate solution be setting the acknowledgment with triggers rather than using a quiz slide.

Thanks for your help everyone. 

Crystal Horn

That makes sense, Christopher!  Thanks for clarifying what your setup was and for letting us know what worked.  Breaking out of the quiz slides and building your own customized slide gives you a lot more flexibility with your interactions, so I'm glad you were able to get that done for the acknowledgment slide!