IOS 10.2 issues with Video

Jan 10, 2017


I have seen many discussions regarding video playback issues on IOS 10.2.

I am also facing same issue while view the output on Ipad with IOS 10.2.

Videos placed on main time play well as intended, but the videos which are on slide layers do not play at all, they just show the first or last frame of the video.

The video is set to play automatically and also i have added trigger to play the video when timeline start.

Any update to fix the issue.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Mayuresh,

There is a known issue with videos on a layer not playing automatically on HTML5 output. The workaround is to add a trigger to "Play Media [video] when timeline starts on [Layer 1]'. It looks like you've already tried that trigger, and you're still not seeing the video play automatically. Can you confirm that the option to "Play Video: From Trigger" is selected on the Video Options tab and that you're using the trigger shown below?

Mayuresh Saka

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your reply and the confirmation about the issue with HTML5 output using videos on Slide layers.

I have almost tried all the options available in SL2 including the one which you have suggested.

While doing the tryouts I found that when the triggers are set to play the video when timeline starts the video starts playing once the timeline ends. For the time being I have kept the timeline duration to 0.25 secs, but this is not the correct workaround.

Could you please confirm will there be any update to fix this issue in future updates, or this issue is resolved in Storyline 360.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello Mayuresh,

I would be interested in taking a look at your file, since you're saying the "Play video when timeline starts" trigger isn't working for you. If you don't mind sharing it, you can attach it directly to this thread via the Add Attachment button, or if you would rather share it privately, you can do so here

Also, I tested this behavior in a new Storyline 360 file, and I found that this issue has been fixed in Storyline 360. Videos on a layer play automatically both on mobile and desktop when published with HTML5.

Mayuresh Saka

Hi Alyssa, 

As suggested by you I am attaching the file (it is created for testing purpose). I have placed a video on main timeline with same video on 2 slide layers which are set to play by trigger- play video when timeline starts.

Thanks for the update on Storyline 360 for which the issue has been fixed, For now our company has no plans to go for Storyline 360.

Mayuresh Saka

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for having a look at the file, and yes video plays as soon as i click the seekbar buttons. Maybe IOS as requires an click action to play videos get completed when we click the buttons.

Also as stated by Alyssa they have sorted out this issue in Storyline 360 they may resolve this in Storyline 2 also.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi again Mayuresh,

Thanks for sharing your file with us. I made a few changes to your file - Here is a link to the published output for testing.

  • On each layer, I removed the trigger that hides the other slide layer.
  • On the Layer Properties, I selected "Hide other slide layers" and "Pause timeline of base layer".

A few of us tested this, and it seems to work as expected on iPhone iOS 10.2, but the videos do not play automatically on iPad iOS 10.2. I have opened a support case on your behalf (00989727 for my reference) so our Support Engineers can take a closer look at this. You should hear from someone on the team shortly!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi S KT,

I apologize for the delay in getting to you here - the forums have been a happening place recently! 

I took a look a Mayuresh's case and he worked with Abel to re-encode the video using Handbrake and that version worked perfectly once published. Handbrake is a free tool to help encode videos at the right compression and codecs especially for web publishing, and Abel left the standard settings for that video as detailed here.  

I'll make a note on your case about this forum discussion too and someone from our team will be in touch via email shortly! 

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