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Sep 16, 2016

Videos in Storyline courses do not play on iPads or iPhones that are running iOS 10. I understand that iOS 10 enables inline video (webkit-playsinline). 

Any suggestions regarding a fix or work-around?



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Tim Wicks-Frank

Cornerstone told us today that they fixed the iOS 10 issue. The fix is scheduled for an October 28th release.

I'll try to get a description of the fix so we can be better informed.

We also have internal web servers that require the same fix.

I'll let you know as soon as I get details about the fix.



Elaine Barnes

I am a Cornerstone LMS Admin.  We are seeing that our courses are only playing audio, but not displaying any visual content in IOS10, but play perfectly fine on IOS7.    I know that everyone here is discussing videos in a Storyline 2 created course, but is it possible that the IOS10 problem could also be affecting the course playing at all?  

Thank you!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elaine,

It certainly could be iOS10 and how cornerstone is playing the videos, I'd recommend looking at testing the content in another environment as well such as Scorm Cloud or a web server to confirm. If the same occurs within SCORM Cloud or another web server when you're using iOS10, we'd be happy to take a look at the file as well. 

Tim Wicks-Frank

Hi, we tested courses on Cornerstone with an iPad (iOS10) and iPhone 7 Plus and videos played fine. Perhaps your company is in a different swim lane with regards to Cornerstone's roll-out schedule. We have requested that Cornerstone share the resolution of this issue with us; however, they have not provided that information to us, yet. Cornerstone did not include a description of this fix in their release notes. Knowledge about the fix is important to us, as we need to implement the same fix to our internal web servers that we use to review alpha and beta courses. I'll let you know as soon as we hear from Cornerstone. Thanks

Steve Mansell

The issue revolves around a cookie handling bug in the media player for iOS 10 - assuming it's the same issue we've had to resolve.

The media player used by iOS10 doesn't correctly handle session cookies, ie. cookies without an expiry time that are commonly used for authentication. These cookies are supposed to be treated as transient - for deletion when the current browser is closed down.

This is the default scenario for all Microsoft .NET based authentication systems, including sharepoint.

The solution is either to switch to a different authentication mechanism, or modify the underlying authentication code to set an expiry time on the cookie when the user signs-in.

In our Saas solution we've taken the second approach.

Thanks to everyone for the pointers on this, the links to other discussions were extremely helpful in identifying this one.

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