iOS 7 Notes/Transcript Bold and Italic Formatting Issue

Hi everyone-

We have a course that is developed in Storyline, using the standard interface controls, including the Notes tab on the left side.

We have tested the course on the iPad running iOS 7, in Articulate Mobile Player. We can confirm that when we set Transcript/Notes text to bold or italic , the Articulate Mobile Player app is NOT rendering this bold or italic text.

We also tested on another iPad running on iOS6, with the updated Articulate Mobile Player, and the bold and italic text DOES in fact show up.

I am wondering if anyone else can confirm this?

I am hoping that Articulate will release an update for this soon.

Our clients expect this desired look for certain texts in the transcript tab, and this is clearly an iOS7-specific issue that we are seeing.


Garrett Metz

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Garrett.

I don't have an iOS 6 device handy for testing.  Would it be possible for you to share (1) a screenshot of the intact notes formatting in iOS 6, and (2) a copy of your .story project file at this link?  Once we have these 2 items, we can verify the problematic behavior and (once verified) escalate it to our Quality Assurance Team for further analysis.

Thanks for your help!

Derek Frankhouser


Any word on whether this feature has been fixed? I don't see it listed in the updates ( Coincidentally, I am having this issue on Version 3.20 of the Articulate Mobile Player on iOS 8.1.2. I'll submit a support case straightaway. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kaylie!

I popped in to check on Derek's case shared above, and here is the response:

Based on my test, the Bold formatting on Notes is respected in Articulate Mobile Player regardless of the font used. Attached is a screenshot on my end. 

The Italics, font color and other font types will likely not display as expected in Articulate Mobile Player. 

I encourage you to submit more support for Notes formatting (including font types) in Mobile Player as a feature request via the form below: 

This ensures your feedback and ideas can be reviewed by our product development team. 

We do not guarantee that the feature will be supported based on request, but it will help us gauge the demand for it.