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Dan Marsden

Moodle 2.0 is really way too old. it contains a wide range of known security issues that could allow a malicious user to compromise your site and contains a number of SCORM related problems - Moodle hasn't previously displayed SCORM content well on the iPad - we tried to fix that in Moodle 2.6 which was released last week and initial reports from users suggest that it is working a lot better on mobile devices.

Trevor White-Miller


I sent you a private message asking that you let me the same compare information you sent to Steve about the storyline.compiled.js file.

I urgently need to find a way around the scaling/rotation issues with IOS7 in an iPad. Since the 15 Nov update viewing a published course directly from a web server or via SCORM CLOUD is fine but my client is viewing via Moodle 2.5 and landscape view is oversizing the course.



Trevor White-Miller

Hi Ashley, No I hadn't see Dan's posting on Moodle 2.6.

I have just found it and read through. What he is describing is not really addressing the issue I'm having. I haven't heard back from Michal either so that route has gone cold as well. Do you have any way of reaching out to Michal? I have tried this thread and also sent a message to his inbox via this forum site. I need to fix this issue ASAP.

I'll really struggling to keep my clients in favour of using Storyline with its swf and html5 output. They, like me, love Storyline from an authoring point of view however the mobile delivery is falling short. The mobile safari iPad IOS7 version through their LMS Moodle 2.5  is not displaying correctly in landscape and we have no Android support. ipads, which my clients provide purely for training delivery, are now a issue as my clients have stopped using their previous online delivery method of pen based XP tablets.

We are also having issues with Animated Gifs which we are using to replace the embedded custom swf animates we previously used. We can't stop the looping in Storyline except as suggested in another thread where we have to place a still image over the animated gif. This does not help in 50% of cases.

We also have run into issues with html5 publishing/playback where content was imported into Storyline from Studio 2009 and have been advised by our UK reseller not to upgrade to Studio 2013 yet as there are import issues between Studio 2013 and Storyline still to be fixed by Articulate.

While my clients don't want to use Captivate 7 or ISpring Pro 7 (due to less powerful design options) both alternatives are delivering much better html5 mobile deployment across Ipads and android devices. The app player is not a workable option due to lack of Tin Can support in most LMS.

What is on the Storyline upgrade roadmap:

- to improve html5 mobile delivery

- improved animation features (not just Powerpint effects)

- links with Studio 2013?

I don't want to sound as if I'm anti Storyline, I really love it but it is causing me a lot of pain as its not the complete product yet.


Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Trevor.

All of the features you mentioned are on our product roadmap, but we cannot forecast specific delivery dates.

Can you please send us (1) a screen capture of what the problem looks like in your LMS, (2) a copy of your .story project file, and (3) comparative links to content that has been published in Storyline, Captivate, and iSpring so that we can better understand the problem?

When we receive the above, we'll dig into the problem and let you know what we find.  Thanks!

XAn Choly

Hi Scormcloud, ios7 & update4 users,

Try this:

Publish a course in Scorm 1.2 & include HTML5 output and Use Articulate Mobile.

Upload it to ScormCloud and test the course using the invitation link.

The course plays fine when viewed on a desktop browser.

When viewed on an ipad the Mobile App attempts to launch the course but constantly fails.

I have tried everything but can't get it to play on the ipad.

I've also had issues where the course just keeps restarting over & over in mobile safari when output as html5.

Try this:

Publish the course to TinCan - try to upload it to ScormCloud. You will see another issue where Scorm Cloud refuses the Storyline TinCan version.

Both cases are being investigated by Support # 00370471.

Just thought I'd share it here as well.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Xan,

I saw that Jayem sent you another message today, and shared the following: 

We have verified that SCORM published content will not work launch on Articulate Mobile Player because of the authentication mechanism of SCORM Cloud. More information about this is outlined here: 
(Please see under "Your LMS or web server requires learners to login to view content topic") 

Rob Skeet

I have read through all of this thread and have tried Micah's .js file.

nothing seems to make a difference here.

I have a bunch of storylines embedded into moodle pages.

they work on every platform and every browser except the iPad

(I've tried both Chrome and Safari.)  Puffin works with Flash but It is not practical to have potentially thousands of users downloading puffin to work on their ipads.

2 main problems.

First is the PLAY button that the Story_html5 shows before the page loads.  This looks unsightly and is a royal pain for users.

Second, once the page loads, it appears that the story is too big for the iFrame and gets cut off on the right and has a big white space on the left.  I have adjusted both the size of the iframe and the size of the Story but nothing changes.

This product has already been released and now we are having folks calling up and complaining.

Any one?

Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Rob.

I'm happy to respond to both of the issues you raised:

1.  In order for Mobile Safari on iOS 5 to auto-play media like audio or video on the first slide, there must be a user interaction.  Thus, we display a Play Page to handle the interaction.  The limitation is only in Safari on iOS, not other Desktop browsers.  If you'd like to see a change to this behavior, we welcome your Feature Requests!

2.  Although you won't find our content being cut off at SCORM Cloud (an industry-standard tool for testing SCORM content), Moodle cutting off the bottom of the player has come up several times within the Community:

I'd recommend reading up on the above threads and maybe checking directly with some of these folks to see how they fixed this Moodle issue.  The author of the SCORM module in Moodle is also a frequent contributor here in our Forums, so you might consider sending Dan a Private Message as well.

Good luck with your project!

Rob Skeet

Thanks Justin and Phil!

I have tried all the .js modifications mentioned in the articles above and am using the latest version of Moodle.

Still no luck as yet.

I am simply embedding these interactions in a Moodle web page using i-frame and not actually using them as SCORM courses,

it appears to be the layout of the story_HTML5.html file that is causing the problem but I have no idea what .css file to edit

in order to alter this.  since all other devices are defaulting to the flash player that works seamlessly, I can't use developer tools to zero in on the .css.  Any ideas?  Phil, which .css were you referring to? 

is there a way to bypass the story_HTML5.html file and just go to the actual content?  does this exist?

Sorry, as many others have mentioned, I used storyline for this project because of the HTML5 output  for iPad but it appears that it's not quite there yet.

Any other thoughts?

Rob Skeet

Phil Mayor said:

Hi Rob the issue with cutting off is Moodle you can either edit your CSS or install the latest version of Moodle in which I believe this has been fixed.

Hey Phil,  do you have any thoughts on what .CSS needs to be altered for this issue?  I am using the latest Moodle version and an altered "essential" theme and am having no HTML5 love.  any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


Sue Rennoldson

Hi Ashley,

This issue is not confined to Moodle, as HTML5 content displaysin exactly the same way as described via our LMS in iOS7 for iPad. Controls atthe bottom of the player are partially visible if there is a sidebar, but notat all if there is no sidebar. This was not a problem in previous versions ofiOS. Are you working on a fix? If LMS configuration can make a difference, whatdo we need to do? I’d appreciate an update as tinkering with a huge number ofjs files is not feasible for us and neither is the mobile player.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sue,

Welcome to the Heroes community! 

We're aware that the issue isn't confined to Moodle, but it is happening in LMSs that display it within an iFrame. Moodle is one example,and one  of the contributors here in our forums is also contributing to the development of the SCORM for Moodle and he shared that it's something the Moodle team is looking into as well. Since each LMS has a different player set up, it's great if you can also connect with your LMS team to see if they have a fix to display the content outside of the iFrame while our team continues to look into a broader fix for all Storyline published content. 

If you'd like to share some further examples with us and what LMS you're using, I'm happy to add them to the open issue for our QA team to see. It would be great if you could provide a link to a published course on your LMS and some images of the behavior on your iPad. If you'd prefer not to share here in the forums I can send you directions on how to share with me privately.