iPad App player development - email completion/template?

I need some help in emailing content using the iPad Player App. (I have posted this up on the LinkedIn forum too so apologies for the double-up)

I have created an iPad development for a client to be played on the Articulate Player App. It is quite an extensive and resource heavy development (167 slides, with video/audio: 775mb raw Story file) - which needs to be viewed offline to ensure the assets run smoothly. I would love to have it running on an LMS, but am settling in the meantine to have a button available at the end to send an email to a fixed address (to notify of completion) and would like an email sent to the employee with a template of further links/text to supplement the app content. I also have designed a virtual Notebook that can be accessed throughout, where notes can be taken but am also looking at emailing these notes to the employee at the end of the development. Can this be done?

Any suggestions in how to set this up? I know there is a "Send email to" trigger available but can you set it up so there is a template page with info sent to this entered address? Can it be done if the development is running "offline" but where there is internet connection still on the iPad.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Has anyone done something similar before? Thanks so much guys for your help...

I have found this Javascript that could work but the Player App does not support Javascript yet..  :(
"Launch new email message
var email="yourAddress@email.com";
var subject="subject line";
var body_start="How you want to begin your body.";
var mailto_link='mailto:'+email+'?subject='+subject+'&body='+body_start;

Plan B?


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