iPad – Content not scaling based on orientation

Hi All,

Is that possible to stop the scaling of the HTML5 content on iPad?

The scenario is like this, when I checked the content from SCORM course everything seems working fine. The HTML5 version is scaling properly when I rotate the iPad.

On the client LMS, there is some iFrame environment in which the HTML5 is not getting scale based on the iPad orientation, below is the screenshot.

The dimension of the content is set as per the iPad vertical width and height values. The content doesn’t scale in landscape mode.

Is that possible to lock/remove the automatically scaling feature on iPad, so that there is no any impact on content if Ipad screen rotate? or any other workaround?


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Shailesh Mewada

Thanks Adrian,

I have tried to debug the storyline published output code to make the content dimension fixed to defined size. It is found that all DIVs, elements objects are scaled/placed dynamically and it is not so easy to modify the code very quickly.

So as a work around, I have added a launch page before the content. This will then open the main content.

It will be like LMS > will launch a iFrame popup with launch button > will launch another popup with the html5 content.

Yes, two popups looks little annoying but something is better than nothing.