iPad hotspots difficulty

Hi all,

Enjoying SL and published several content to my iPad using marker buttons to rebuild a sort of Engage activity. I have noticed that the hotspots often need 3 or 4 times tabbing before coming to action. This is not the case with bigger hotspot areas I made earlier in PPT and imported into SL. Am I the only one with this (minor) problem or has it been noticed by other.

PS. I bought my iPad 2 just over a week ago but it seems that everything else is working OK.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with SL!

John Pieterse

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Dave Mozealous

Hi John,

Are you using the Articulate Mobile Player app on the iPad?  How have you setup the markers, did you check the option to "Show all on hover" for the marker?  Since there isn't a true hover on the iPad, that might be a bit confusing, because Hover is mapped to downpress on the iPad, so they might not behave as you are expecting...

Check out this example showing Hover Markers vs Click:


For me the click markers launch when I click, and the hover markers launch only when I press, and old down on the marker.  Is that what you are seeing?


John Pieterse

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your comment! I am using the Articulate Mobile Player and this works fine. I did not check the option 'Show all on hover'. I have just changed that, uploaded to ipad and it has become worse. Hardly poosible to open a Marker. Changed it back

However, as it now appears the makers I used without "swirl" (so just static) work OK. But the dynamic ones with swirl are sometimes difficult to open and even harder when checking "show all" For the time being I will go without 'swirl'. Strangely enough is happens at random, one click it is OK and the next time you have to click several times.

Thanks again for your advice!



John Pieterse

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your support again! Useful to know that you can swith off the shadow of a marker in a simple way!

After testing I discovered a bit more about the markers on the ipad. When you check the hover button it will run prefectly on a regular window machine and when you hover over the marker the scene pos up instantly. Saves you the click. However as the ipad is a pad it does not allow hovering to my knowledge, same as for other pads. After testing I found it more difficult to open a marker with the hoverbox checked that without.

Strangely enough the iPad works fine now after setting all the markers back to non-hover and and downloading it again to the pad.

Perhaps the iPad just had to get used to SL as it is taking e-learning a step further.

Thanks again and all the best!