ipad interaction???

I just went thru the tutorials about publishing and i'm reviewing the publishing comparisons for different players here but it's a lil too indepth and i'm getting lost...........so a simple question.

using storyline, can we publish content that is interactive (require the user to touch the screen to make things happen) that can be used on an ipad?


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Bill Harnage

Yes you can.

However, for the best user experience it's best to use the Articulate ipad player which is a free download from the app store.  The big caveat w/ this method is that it won't track in an LMS and won't play content behind any type of authentication wall, such as a login/pw.

Otherwise, you can view the html5 version on an ipad.  But, due to html5 specs and browser incompatibility... er "compatibility" you may run into issues with audio or video.