iPad Issues / Audio Issues

I'm making a four modules course for a client.

We're having some issues with audio (PC and iPad), when you tap/click multiple times in a button, two audios comes together (the audios are in 2 different layers).

Also we're having some problems with the resizing of the player in Safari for iPad.

And also we've problems with states in the visited buttons when i back to the previous slide.

Tell me if i need to attach the .story file.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gumo and welcome to Heroes! 

The sizing issues with Storyline and iOS7 were a known issue that were included as a fix in Update 4 for Storyline which you can download here.  If you haven't already updated your Storyline software, I'd suggest beginning there.

In regards to the change of the visited state for your buttons when you go to the previous slide, you'll want to check the settings for the slide properties to see if they're set to "reset to initial state" which could be resetting your buttons. I'd suggest instead using the "resume saved state" or "automatically decide." 

In regards to the audio on two different layers playing simultaneously, that would be something it would be easier to understand if you could share the .story file with us. If you'd like to share it here in the forums, you can use the paperclip icon to attach it here and if you'd prefer to share it privately please send it along to us here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gumo,

I see that Miker did some additional testing of you files and was unable to reproduce the issues. He emailed a few screencasts to you so you could see what is happening on our end. If you need additional assistance or are able to document the issue and share with us please feel free to let Miker or I know.