Ipad lms resume issue

Hello everyone,I have a question for help!

We have some course are play in PC and Ipad,we published with flash and html5,for example one of course is 73 slides and  10 question choose from  the total question which have 18 queestion.

We publish with Scorm1.2 and upload to our lms,our customer's lms and scormclound,when course not completed,the pc and ipad can resume the course go to the off slide.But when the course was completed,it some issue:if pc visit course , it's fine,will go the last slide,but if use ipad visit it not go to the last slide,it will go the any silde of the question slide.

How can we solve this problem,we want the ipad go to the last slide when the course completed.

We have some test of this course,like this:

First test: only one silde,10 of 18 question,is ok ,when course completed ipad can go to the last slide.

Second test: remove 9 slide, so 64 slide and 10 of 18 question,is ok ,when course completed ipad can go to the last slide.

Third tset:73 slide and 9 of 18 question,is ok ,when course completed ipad can go to the last slide.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Wang:

The following information will not correct your problem, but will provide your (or a programmer) the information needed for you to resolve it.

If your iPad remains connected to the internet during the whole time you are testing the SCORM communication should work, however, if you go off-line with the iPad, you will most likely have a problem.

Your problem stems from the iPad cookies not matching what is in your LMS when you reconnect and collect session data from the LMS. This is a symptom of the iPad not sending the bookmarked cookies to the LMs when you exit the course.

If your LMS supports Tin Can version 0.9X, the iPad will send page-by-page bookmark data to the LMS when you exit the course, else, you will have this type issue. Data is sent to the LMS when the user clicks the Next button.

To be able to troubleshoot your issue, you should use a HTTP sniffer software. I use Fiddler2 (free from Microsoft).

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Wang,

I'm trying to follow the testing methods you've described here and had some additional questions:

  • You mentioned it all works as expected in the PC - and it's only the iPad? I assume you're viewing the HTML5 content in Mobile Safari since you are publishing for SCORM 1.2 and not Tin Can API (which your LMS may need to use the mobile player)?
  • You mentioned you want the course to go to the last slide when completed - do you mean resume to the last slide of the course, or automatically jump the user to a particular slide once they've completed? The resume behavior will allow the user to pick up where they left off, and in the other thread you posted I did share how the resume behavior may not function as expected if the course is in "review" mode. 
  • If as Dennis mentioned, you'd like us to take a look at your course that may help us see the behavior and what you'd like to happen. You're welcome to share it at that link with our Support engineers or you can share it here in the forums using the paperclip icon. Also, if you'd prefer I can send you directions on how to share it with me privately.