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Hi all,

What sort of tracking is available in the iPad (player version) storyline output?

I don't know much about how it works (still new to eLearning) but our clients have suggested there are problems with having a 'course complete' page/button that would work with their bespoke LMS, does anyone know what I'd need to do to make it work/compatible with a bespoke system?

I'm having difficulty even getting access to it to provide details so sorry if I'm being vague :(

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Gabe Anderson

Hi Peter-

For LMS or Articulate Online tracking via the iPad, you'll want to use the HTML5 output. Currently, the Articulate Mobile Player is not able to authenticate a login for tracking purposes, but that's coming soon via Project Tin Can.

You can learn more in these articles:

Steve Flowers

Hey, Peter -

I saw a demo on the Tin Can API call last week. Looks to work GREAT.

You wouldn't publish to SCORM since Tin Can is a completely different protocol (similar roots, just different means of communicating). To make it work, though, your LMS would need to support the protocol. I don't think many LMS's are there yet.

HTML5 SCORM 1.2 and 2004 outputs are supported via the LMS on iPad through Safari mobile. The mobile player offers a far superior experience in most cases but the Storyline HTML5 output works pretty well for many features.

Peter Worth

Hi Steve,

I saw a video on the tincan site and it likes pretty neat, that was just advertising rather than actually working but still cool if it works well

So, with that in mind, will there be an update for TinCan publishing in Storyline when it's available?

I've edited the post; after reading documentation about the client's LMS; they use a Java applet to provide communications between the content and LMS, so it wouldn't work on an iPad as currently Apple don't support Java applets... right?

So accordingly, I'll need to publish in AICC I think...

Andrew Taylor

I notice that a new version of the iPad app has just been released, which includes report for Tin Can/Articulate Online tracking. Does anyone from Articulate have any more detail about what this means and how we can use this functionality.

I'm desperate to track learners' progress through content with maximum mobility. Does the update mean I can use Articulate Online to track them when they're using the iPad app?

Gerry Wasiluk

Ray DeRegis said:

What can I do to get Storyline content to bookmark properly when using an iPad and a Saba lms (SCORM 1.2)??

Bookmarking works okay via PC laptop/desktops. Is there some tweak needed in Storyline pre/post publish?

Thanks for any help!

Are you publishing to HTML5 or using the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP)?

If using AMP, it doesn't support SCORM.  Not technically possible.  AICC might possibly be possible in some case but it's not been implemented.