iPad Not Reporting Assessment Scores to Articulate Online

Feb 28, 2013

I can't seem to find online that this SHOULDN'T work - but it seems when my learners are taking the scored assessment from their iPads, the scores are not being reported to the Articulate Online LMS. They are being given an "Incomplete" even though they have taken, and in some cases passed, the final quiz.

I, myself, was able to recreate the issue while taking the assessment from my iPad. 

Why is this happening? 

My guess is this is happening because it can see i used Safari on my iPad to launch the assessment, but the player is not reporting back to the LMS my score. What I can't seem to find on the Articulate site is that the iPad player app is not supposed to report the score...

Additionally, I have noticed that learners on their iPads module completion is not registering accurately in such large quantities that it cannot be attributed to a lack of connectivity.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rusty,

I know you've already looked around for information on this, but have you seen the information below?

If a user reports that they received an incomplete status for a content item that they completed or if there is no record that the user attempted the content item, please review the following recommendations for the user, for the content developer, and for the Articulate Online administrator:

Articulate Support > User receives an incomplete status or no attempt is recorded

If you're still unable to see a score for the assessment, or if you're still seeing the "incomplete" status, can you tell me if this happens with a course viewed on a PC, as well as the iPad?

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