iPAD/phone completion to Moodle LMS

Hello all.  I recently asked about completion status being sent via javascript to Moodle and perhaps a timing issue of calling the next command before Moodle could respond.

What I have found now is that completion will not send via javascript regardless of timing from an iPad/iphone or a Galaxy S7 phone. 

We are also not getting completion working from some computers but cant find any pattern to that.  It always works from my Macbook and my desktop.

This is our first publish with Storyline 360 so not sure if this is a change or not.  I do not recall these issues previously.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Not sure if I should post a new thread or not for this.  Disappointing update for anyone who uses javascript completion triggers in SL360.  They no longer work from mobile devices.  Comment from support was "I cannot offer a timeframe for when or if this issue will be resolved".  The part  about "if this issue will be resolved"is a bit disturbing as this functioned properly in SL2 so many of us have been using it as our standard practice and it does not work now. 

I am usually a pretty positive person and love SL but this has caused me a great deal of problems with my staff and I now have to rethink every learning module I put together if this may never be resolved.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Tim,

I really appreciate you sharing your concerns, as this gives us a better idea of how much this issue impacts our users. We thoroughly test our product updates to make sure that other features are not negatively impacted with fixes that we’ve built.  I'm sorry we can't say when or if this issue will  be resolved, but we wouldn’t want to commit to a date and release any builds that are not of superior quality.  You are in the right place, and we’ll be sure to let you know any further information we have to share as soon as we can. 

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The javascript allows for more control of exactly when the completion is sent.  In older versions on SL, there were challenges on when the completion status would be sent.  It also required using a results slide so you could not send completion based directly on the slide you were on.  For example you may have a branched scenario that does not require all slides to be viewed but there is no quiz.  You could not use slides viewed as not all slides were and it only counts the number of slides not which slides.  JS allows you to base completion on a specific slide.

Changing my story file today to replace a single JS command took an extra slide and a lot of triggers to make the same effect.

I may not be describing this well.  If you search the forums for JS and completion you will find many examples where people were advised to use javascript for this purpose.  None of those will work now with mobile devices if republished or remade in SL360 and people may not be aware that they need to change their practice until they start getting reports of failure from their learners.